Sunday, 12 February 2017

How do you do that babes ? , fuck knows , sexy xx both self taught.





years afore broadband etc came tae the many wee places in the highlands etc, wae the use o satellite we were able tae reach oot..



listening still, as on the radio a business owner moans at the lack o connectivity etc.. 


aw them years ago , as a wee couple we wondered how tae connect tae the internet..


i ordered and collected the satellite sytem from near Muir o Ord..


The wee lassies asked if we needed help tae fit it..


me , “ no , thanks ( couldn’t afford tae pay tae have it fitted as well )


getting back tae Droma and over a couple o oors i laid it aw oot  on the floor.


Mel asked , “do you know how too do it ?”

me  “ no ,nae idea  sexy, “ …  “ do you ?” .. that wee smile as Mel watched over the next few oors i slowly worked it aw oot and installed it ,


going off only tae get the dinner ready.. for us aw


i sill mind when Mel came over tae say it was ready. seeing me sitting there , online , computer up and running .


Mel “how the  fuck do you do that ? ,

me ..” fuck knows babes xxxx”


like you sexy, self taught i guess , smile hugs as we danced a wee dance xx