Sunday, 12 February 2017


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we both shared this magical wee quality , over the years being telt nothing but negativity aroon it.

it was one o many o Mels qualities i loved..


balance always the key.

How do you do that babes ? , fuck knows , sexy xx both self taught.





years afore broadband etc came tae the many wee places in the highlands etc, wae the use o satellite we were able tae reach oot..



listening still, as on the radio a business owner moans at the lack o connectivity etc.. 


aw them years ago , as a wee couple we wondered how tae connect tae the internet..


i ordered and collected the satellite sytem from near Muir o Ord..


The wee lassies asked if we needed help tae fit it..


me , “ no , thanks ( couldn’t afford tae pay tae have it fitted as well )


getting back tae Droma and over a couple o oors i laid it aw oot  on the floor.


Mel asked , “do you know how too do it ?”

me  “ no ,nae idea  sexy, “ …  “ do you ?” .. that wee smile as Mel watched over the next few oors i slowly worked it aw oot and installed it ,


going off only tae get the dinner ready.. for us aw


i sill mind when Mel came over tae say it was ready. seeing me sitting there , online , computer up and running .


Mel “how the  fuck do you do that ? ,

me ..” fuck knows babes xxxx”


like you sexy, self taught i guess , smile hugs as we danced a wee dance xx

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Dealing wae the many disasters life throws at you..

Not far from the spot where oor home went from the top picture tae the bottom one. after being run off the road by an artic truck.. for ten minutes we were in bits , having thought we were going tae die as i tried tae get us back on the road. then as always a hug and we picked ourselfs up. Mel saying we should go tae Ullapool get some breakfast then deal wae it. for four oors or so we stripped what was left. tidied everything up , made a new home and went back tae working the beaches.. one person stopped and asked if we needed help. oor old buyer

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