Tuesday, 31 January 2017

HOT AND SPICY … ( back on the open road )





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After months o hard work and saving the day came and we managed tae pay for oor truck. Mel had been working 12 oor shifts at a care home near Dingwall and me at a fish factory in Dingwall were i worked as an industrial cleaner.

we had lived at the back off oor pal Roy’s garage who we bought the truck off. in a wee caravan .

heading oot from there tae dae oor shifts. i used tae have tae carry Mel and her white uniform shoes across all the mud and oil. never a pretty site lol. then i would drive her tae Garve and head off for my shift. this went on till we saved up enough tae hit the road.  apart from the one wee hiccup when we had tae work another week to cover the cost o down rating the truck tae 7.5 tonne . (Mel was well pissed off). anyway towbar fitted we guided oor caravan and dropped it ontae the tow hitch, a magical feeling. saying oor goodbyes we headed happily off doon the open road again. free again .


Stopping just past Dingwall i pulled intae a layby just tae check everything was ok. aye aw seemed good till i checked the towbar , were i noticed some o the weld had cracked . fuck, got back intae the cab and explained tae Mel we would have tae go back. ( words o joy rang oot from ma wee warrior)

pulling back intae the yard Roy, Billy and Hamish were aw standing staring at oor rapide return. grumpily Roy sorted oot the problem . Mel in the cab keeping calm, lol. then again engine fired up, we hit the open road , free at last , lol.


This time everything ran smoothly aw the way doon the A9 stopping at some o oor old haunts , the simple joy o nae direction powerful.


past Edinburgh the wee truck running like a dream onwards doon thge A9 till we approached Berwick upon Tweed. i asked Mel “ are you hungry, babes ? “.  her wee smile the simple answer. pulling off the main road we headed intae toon.


slowly approaching a bend i asked “ are you happy ?”. again a huge smile . a wee shared kiss. oor mooths watering at the expected wee chinese or whatever lay ahead.


dropping the truck doon a gear we coasted roon the bend.

Then a quick look in the mirror tae check the caravan and at first i was confused . the caravan was heading right as we made the turn leftt . then a huge bang as what was left o the aframe hit the road . metal screaming i managed tae get the truck stopped, jumping oot i headed tae see what was up. part o the aframe was still attached tae the towbar ( well at least , that had held oot, lol).. the remainder was just hanging off the front o the caravan. luckily the chain had done its job.


Standing working oot what we could dae, Mel appeared her worried wee face , what’s up. but a quick look explained withoot words. fuck, what are we going too do babes ? . fuck knows . get a tent … whack . saying it’s ok .  i got the chain and straps from the truck and after some bodging reattached the caravan tae the truck.  if a wee bit precariously i put the hazards on and we headed intae toon..


Mels wee posh side kicking in she hid her face as we passed pubs etc , people aw starting at this wreck heading along the road at 5mph. seeing a sign for an industrial estate i sighed . and said there babes . just as she turned “look a takeaway “….  from under her covers ..


Cool lets get oor home sorted and we can come back.


we made oor way oot o toon and approached a roundabout, fuck.. two coppers were sat tae the side o it. knowing we were just aboot tae be pulled i carried on taking the turn for the ind est . looking for somewhere tae park, happy that at least  the coppers had let us go on oor way, obviously too much paperwork lol. at the far end o the estate we found a lovely wee place. not far from the beach. but Mel wasn’t intae a walk in the wind and freezing rain… handbrake on and engine off , we got oot the truck and intae oor hame for a much needed coffee and think.


after a warm up Mel asked “ what are we going too do ? “  well. two options .. yes ,what !! ( her wee face lit up) . thinking i had the answer.


1 .. dump you , your bad luck ( whack )

2. we put the caravan ontae the flatbed…..


how can we do that ? .

me . what ? dump you, EASY ,


NO, you daft bugger , how are you going tae get the caravan up and ontae the truck withoot tools etc .


FUCK, KNOWS , was hoping YOU had a plan.


lets have a coffee and smoke then i will check it oot.. a wee shared hug



Leaving Mel in the caravan and the warmth i went ootside, looking around i gathered two winch straps and some blocks, scartaching ma heed i went in search o wood or whatever tae build a ramp at the rear o the truck. in the hope with the straps i could somehow pull the caravan up and ontae the bed..


The whole est was quiet , not a soul aboot tae ask for help, eventually after an oor or so i had managed tae scrape from skips wood and even some metal. dragging it aw back. the rain and wind still at play. and the cold biting . i left it aw near the rear o the truck and headed back intae the caravan. Mel was snug sitting reading coffee in hand a puffing on a fag..


are you ok. babes . my question a pretend serious look on ma face . warm enough. not too tired , looking up , she smiled, are you ok ? . aye, sexy,  got some stuff just need a wee warm up. Mel put the kettle on and we sat staring at the rolling waves pounding the walls. happy tae be on the open road again. and living on oor wits. magic..


Over the next oor or so i was in and oot the caravan, until eventually i had summit that looked like a ramp. opening the caravan door and called tae Mel can you tat doon noo, i think we are ready.


ok, ok just let me finish this chapter , aye nae worries, nae rush..


evrything ready Mel came ootside and helped me guide  the caravan tae the foot o the ramp. the rain had at last stopped but the wind and cold seem tae be wanting tae test us both, lol. as i wrapped the strap onto the caravan and fixed it on the flarbed, the rain came back, i said “ it’s ok now. you get in the truck and warm up. before i had even finished the setence ma wee warrior was in the truck and warm. 


with the strap i was able to slowly inch at a time guide the caravan up the makeshift ramp. happy that it seemed tae be working fine.

turning the winch tae the full then chocking the wheels eventually the caravan was inches from landing safety on the bed. Mel shouted . “ok, babes.. aye aye


just then something snapped the wood splinterd and the caravan crashed back ontae the road, fuck, fuck..


leaving it i headed tae the truck , tired  and cold. after a wee break headed back oot tae try again, this time evrything ran smooth and quickly the caravan was safetly on the bed and strapped doon, just then the police decided tae turn up. and quizzed me aboot the caravan , was it mine etc , fuck, if i was going tae steal a caravan would i get one wae a fucked aframe , know i look daft.. they were both cool though.. sadly they weren’t up for helping and drove off lol…


Mel was bye now wrapped up in a sleeping bag. firing up the truck the heater at full blast , Mel emerged from her wee cocoon. a wee shared kiss and we headed off for that takeaway.


we decide on a pizza and sat in the corner and waited making plans where tae head tae that night.


Then the lassies behind the counter shouted oot “ HOT N SPICY “..


standing up i replied “aye that’s me”. ( whack)


what was that for, Mel’s answer , you know !! .


what , what lol


love ma wee jealous warrior xxx


fed and warm we headed back oot ontae the open road….